RS Lead Extractor Ultimate


RS Lead Extractor Ultimate helps you to search and extract thousands of business leads live from web which captures Business name, Address, Phone, Website, Email and Social profiles. It is a must have software for anyone who would like to target businesses.

It extracts business leads real time from web for your search keywords
– Access historical lead data which is auto backed up by the software instantly for every search.
– Access tool on any PC or Laptop with your login credentials, but only one login at a time
– Connect with our support team via chat WhatsApp for instant support
– Get Helps leads for your targeted business.


The new advanced lead extractor ultimate is a must have software for any B2B marketers who can target business leads in seconds. It allows you to build your own fresh targeted business leads live from web.
More features added into this new lead extractor like auto leads backup, access historical data, multi-PC access, in-depth lead search, detailed lead overview, real-time lead extraction, stats and more.


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